OrganicBazar Blog

Organicbazar blog provides you information about how to grow vegetables and other plants at home, care, pest and disease management, planting season, etc.

How to grow

Here, we provide complete information on how to grow vegetables and other plants at home and other planting methods. So that you can easily grow the seeds for any plant in pots, gardens, or grow bags. You will also learn planting care tips for nursery-brought plants.

Planting Calendar

Learn the best dates for starting seeds, planting, or transplanting seedlings or plants according to season or month, whether indoors or outdoors. These planting Calendar or charts are not for a particular region but climate-wise. Apart from this, we provide you with other necessary growing conditions like sowing depth, temperature, pruning, and harvesting chart.

Fertilizers & Soil

Fertilizers & Soil Selection of the best potting soil and organic fertilizers helps plants grow faster by encouraging plant health, growth, and higher yields. The information provided here will help you know which fertilizers to use for plants and which potting soils are suitable for home garden plants.

Pest & Diseases Control

If you want to eliminate pests and diseases in garden plants and know pest and disease control ideas, tips, and tricks, follow all management guides to avoid problems and infections in your garden successfully. In addition, we will share tips for homemade pesticides and prevention ideas that you can easily apply.

Plant Care Tips

All the gardening tips and tricks related to watering, fertilizing, mulching, and planting seedlings help you take better care of your indoor and outdoor garden plants. Here you will find essential care tips to keep your plants healthy during winter, summer, and rainy seasons. I hope our good gardening care tips will help you achieve your gardening goal.

Gardening Products

Gardening products, tools, and accessories help us to do easy gardening and also save time and energy, but their uses are different, which most people do not know. There are articles on standard gardening tools for soil digging, planting, watering, harvesting, debris removal composting, etc. Here you will get all the information related to gardening tools and products.

Gardening Advice

Here you can get free gardening tips and advice on plant propagation methods, which is best for planting annuals and perennials, and garden preparation will give you a wonderful and enjoyable gardening experience. Plus, we’ll discuss everyday gardener’s questions about what to do and what not to do in gardening.